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The Top Rated Custom Home Builder in Wadsworth, Ohio

Aug 31


If you want to build an attractive, comfortable, and functional home in Seville, OH, Kensington Builders can help. We are the number one custom home builder Wadsworth that you can count on to build your custom home. No matter its size or design, we have the right team to get the job done. We have been in the construction industry for decades now and guarantee quality work. Keep reading to learn why you should hire us for the project in Seville

We Have an Excellent Reputation 

When you want to build on your land Wadsworth, you should hire a Custom Home Builder Medina company with experience and a great reputation. If not, you will end up with a home that doesn’t meet your needs. The good news is that Build On Your Lot Medina has more the 4 decades of experience and an excellent reputation. Our work is evident in Wadsworth, Medina, and surrounding areas. You can check our customer reviews to know what our past customers say about us. Also, check our portfolio to know why we are the preferred company when it comes to the construction of homes. 

We Involve You at Every Step of the Project 

Building a custom home is not easy.  But when you hire us, the project will be simpler. We simplify the work by involving you at every step of the way. We know this is your investment and it must be built according to your ideas, needs, and budget. We will incorporate your ideas into the blueprint and update you regularly about the progress. We will also let you know of new changes that we may make to improve the home. Most importantly, we welcome additional ideas that can make your home better. And that is why you should let us Custom Homes Medina and you will get a custom home that meets all your needs and budget.

We Stand by Our Work  

Building a custom home is a massive project. And that is why you should hire a contractor who is ready to offer warranties and guarantees to protect your investment. As one of the most trusted Build On Your Land Medina, Kensington Builders uses quality construction materials from top brands and most of the materials and accessories like roofing materials, locks, doors, and equipment, come with product warranties. In addition, we offer a workmanship guarantee to protect your investment. So if you want peace of mind during and after construction, hire us and you will not be disappointed.  


Kensington Builders

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